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Tevez v Mancini – Where Are The Facts?

I’ve heard so much rubbish over the last couple of days, claiming Carlos Tevez clashed with Bobby Mancini during the half-time interval of Sunday’s clash with Newcastle.

I’ve read form many different sources about how Tevez blamed Mancini for the poor first half performance and negative tactics, while another says the pair ‘argued vociferously’ causing players and coaching staff to step in to calm the situation, before Mancini storms off to his office.

Now, I’ve never met Bobby Mancini or Carlos Tevez, but I’m around 99.9% certain that Tevez’s Italian is considerably worse than his English, which is poor at best. Unless of course, he comes from an Italian speaking part of Argentina. I have the same percentage of certainty that Argentinean is not one of Bobby’s particular strong points. Therefore, can you constitute an argument in broken English as an argument at all?

What these stories are lacking, as well as credibility, are hard facts. All these rumours are hearsay that started as one thing and has escalated into something larger. It is the typical sort of tosh that we would expect from the British media. They’ve already jumped on the bandwagon regarding the Nigel de Jong incident and they are continuing to try and slaughter City with this.

In all the reports that I have read, not one fact regarding the ‘argument’ has been mentioned and the only person to say anything is Brian Kidd, who said “There was an awful lot said between the group at half-time, but the lads showed a great response in the second-half. It showed how badly they wanted to win.”

Tevez has played, and continues to play an integral part of City’s revolution and no amount of media crap should take that away from the man. If he has a problem with Mancini or vice versa, they are certainly very good at hiding it. Maybe during half time against Blackpool in two weeks, Bobby should sit the team on the pitch, Phil Brown style so we can all see what’s going on.

As for the British media, try reporting facts rather than fabricating rumours. No wonder you’ve all got a bad name.



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