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The Carling Cup.

I as a City fan didn’t feel to down after the loss to West Brom on Wednesday night. To be honest looking at the City line up,  It was clear Mancini like many other top flight managers  was out to give the young up and coming players shot. The average age of the defencive line up was 19 years old,  They many of had an off night or West Brom were simply just better on the night either way why I’m writing this article is to point out one thing.

The Carling Up is a funny one, When the bigger clubs crash out it ONLY the Carling Cup. When they win it the fans will tell you its still a Cup !

“Sheikh Mansour’s £1bn investment in Manchester City was unable to save the Blues from an embarrassing Carling Cup defeat to West Brom’s second string at the Hawthorns.Even with an estimated £100m of talent on the pitch at the final whistle as Roberto Mancini threw on James Milner and David Silva, City were unable to force an equaliser.”

The above was written by the Evening Echo. I’m pasting this up because it has become the typical anti City crap that we see the rags daily. It got worse as it went on.

There was a lot of upsets in the Carling Cup last night for big teams however I did notice, very very few first teams players from any premiership side, Begs the question how much does the Carling Cup mean ?

The young players that started the match and went a goal ahead didn’t finish the job, but its football and this is the Carling Cup and they have years ahead of them to learn from the mistakes made last night .  City  between The Europa League,  The F.A. Cup,  and most important above all less is a top four finish in the premiership the Carling Cup can wait there’s bigger fish to fry this coming Saturday in the form of Chelsea. Chelsea who are undefeated so far in the Premiership were like City beaten last night in the Carling Cup. No shame it that as there beaten by Newcastle another Premiership Club. Come Saturday two completely different teams from the one that played last night will walk on to the pitch at Eastlands.

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