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The Cook, The Napkin, The Rockstar and his Brother

Article by Dominic Warwood

Have you heard the one about the England manager writing his team sheet down on the back of a Fag packet, and selecting Benson and Hedges for a friendly?

Well it seems our esteemed Chief executive (Garry Cook) has been doing the same on a napkin, whilst having a meal with Noel Gallagher.

Now, you can imagine the scene, we have all done it: If you could have any player in the world to play for City who would it be? And we always end up in the realms of pure fantasy, building a team that could only happen, (let alone work) on paper.

However, the problem is that Garry Cook has the financial backing that makes him believe this team could actually happen. Yes, we are all attracted to the thought of star names coming to the club, and I’m the first to be drawn to the endless speculation that ‘News Now’ throws our way. But, the manager has to be the deciding factor in who comes to the club.

 The three players that we have brought in so far have all fitted into the Jigsaw of Mancini’s squad, as Silva will add creativity, Toure will add mobility and drive, whilst Boateng is a versatile young defender. However, none of these players are the trophy signing that Cook has always craved, and Gallagher hints at.

Now is the time for stability, we need to add two to three more signings in key positions: a left back to replace the woeful ‘Bridge’ possibly ‘Kolarov’ and a Striker to add competition for ‘Ade’ and ‘Tevez’, which would mean offloading ‘Santa Cruz’. The last thing we need is Cook de-stabilising things again with a ‘Blue chip signing’ that won’t fit the ‘Masterplan’.

The other problem I have is Cook’s inability to keep his mouth shut, as he always seems to want to impress those around him (I’m sure if he’d been speaking to Liam Gallagher he’d have promised that Pretty Green could make the kit next season instead of Umbro ).

I spent an hour in Cook’s company last year at a function, during which time he divulged to me the whole transfer policy and a story about a certain ex England Captain who had been linked with us all summer, and threats made to him if he had left his club and joined City. I was flabbergasted that he could divulge such sensitive information, as I could have been from any Red top and splashed the story across their back pages the following day.

I think that he would like to be perceived of as flamboyant, and yes he has got us a lot of column inches, but let’s put this future title winning team together quietly and methodically without allowing those around us to gain ammunition.



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