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The Fantasy World Of Micah Richards

Article by Real Mancs Are Blue
Micah Richards, Micah Richards’ favourite player has been quoted in the paper as saying,
 ”There is no reason why I should not be playing for England. Nobody has talked to me to explain why I am no longer being picked.”

Micah Richards Manchester City 2008/09 Manchester United V Manchester City (2-0) 10/05/09 at Old Trafford The Premier League Photo Robin Parker Fotosports International

I can give you three very good reasons Micah me old china;

1. You don’t track back

2. You lack concentration at key moments

3. You aren’t as good as you think you are

For me Micah is the classic example of ‘too much too soon’. He had one excellent season for City and got an England call up. Since then his form has plummeted as his ego has seemingly risen, he seems to believe his own hype and fails to recognise that there are massive holes in his understanding of the game. Every six months or so it’s the same, we get an article starring Micah as he tells us all how good he is despite his recent poor performances.

The first goal last night when Inter Milan tore us to pieces was ‘classic Micah’. He nodded off at a crucial time allowing Obinna to flirt past and score the opener, if I’ve seen him do it once I’ve seen it a hundred times. Let’s not even talk about the last minute of the derby.

All last season he was the same and I can’t help feeling that he looked good in sky blue in years gone by purely because he was covered by the ever present Dunney, mopping up when Richards was still halfway up the pitch with his head in his hands.

Of course, Micah has his good points he is fast and strong but these two things aren’t substitutes for a lack of ‘game brain’. To be a really good player he needs the whole package.

Micah isn’t ready for Manchester City’s starting eleven, let alone England’s.



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