The Hypocrisy of Arsene Wenger

July 17, 2011 by
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Arsene Wenger in the last week or so has been spouting of about respect and disrespect. Lets have a look at what the hell he is on about.

First there was comments from Barcelona’s midfield wizard Xavi who claimed Arsenal should stand aside and allow  Cesc Fabregas join the Spanish giants as that is the players Dream. Wenger came out with Barcelona should show Arsenal some Respect and went on about people taking about poor old Arsenal. This is a players comments on a Spanish team mate abroad however Wenger decides its Barcelona as a whole who made these comments and should show him and Arsenal RESPECT, Hard to respect a sore loser and bad sportsman not to mention a team of divers, along with the always cheating Van Persie.

Within the space this French wack job is sticking his long nose into City’s sponsorship deal with Etihad about the naming rights to , calling out with others for an investigation to be launched. Allowing for the fact the actual figures have not been released yet so its a bit premature for  to be making comments about a business deal that is sweet F.A. to do with him, along with Liverpool and anyone else who has voiced concern about it. Fact is Arsene Wenger you read the Daily mail and decided to voice comment on it before having the full facts, DISRESPECTFUL !

City manager Mancini mentioned during the week of hid desire to sign another player from Arsenal, Samir Nasri this lad is a fantastic talent had a cracking season last year and would fit into any team in Europe. Wenger has accused Mancini of disrespect.

“This comment is out of order,” Wenger said, before addressing the issue of its disrespect. “I cannot say otherwise. These comments are not allowed. They are against the basic rules of football and he should be informed of that.

Rich coming from this twat what has City’s naming rights got to do with you Wenger ?  Why talk about it in public ? If its case you want an investigation go through the proper channels and don’t be mouthing about it.

Mancini needs to be informed of the basic rules of football ? We all seen Arsenal players diving anytime you were a goal down Arsenal players drop like flies around the box. Untied for all theirs flaws at least dig in for the 90 min and push to the end with football. Van Persie hitting Kompany while he was on the ground ? Same player more than once lifted his arm into opposition players running out from corners last season. Cheating still didn’t get you 3rd weak quitters with the tag of great footballers.

Wenger as I said above within a week you have showed what a Hypocrite you really are. Talk about people and clubs as you please just as long as nobody says anything about Arsenal. Wenger  Id say pressure is on nothing this season and your sacked couldn’t happen to a better person. Your a disgrace to football when Arsenal lose excuses and the blame game,  Man up and stop your mouthing.


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  1. tim on Mon, 18th Jul 2011 6:07 pm
  2. im not jealous, i along with many others know you are cheating, and its not right, do you really believe man city, can dictate to uefa and real big clubs, just because you are using the wealth of royalty, you really needed a lot of help, you couldnt get there with just your club income, the premier league are to blame for all this, in the end its just down to them letting anyone buy our clubs, no matter who they are, or how they got their wealth, as long as they possibly, got a nice handout from them, they didnt care, fit and proper test, what a joke.

  3. Pete on Mon, 18th Jul 2011 6:30 pm
  4. Well Brian, it looks like you’ve made headlines here. Just checked out Sky Sports and the back pages of tomorrow’s papers and the headlines read:


    Forget Rebekah Brooks and Rupert Murdoch, this is BIG news mate. Oh yeah and while I’m on it, Sky want to cover your big fight with United ‘tough guy who sits behind a computer making stupid, idle and pathetic threats who would cower at the thought of a real fight’ Road.

    Who are the real fans eh?

  5. Pete on Mon, 18th Jul 2011 6:33 pm
  6. Tim, since you know so much, why haven’t you given your vital information to UEFA? Do you have personal access to all the hidden files at MCFC? You know, the ones marked in the filing cabinet as ‘must not be shown to UEFA?’ or ‘dodgy dealings from MCFC?’

  7. Ben on Mon, 18th Jul 2011 6:34 pm
  8. United road ….. Keyboard warrior! hahahah What a fucking wet!

    As for u Tim, I think u need to stop now mate, ur obvious bitterness is making us blues feel all warm inside.

    Do u at least accept that ur club is officially now our feeder club with wenger as city’s chief club scout?

    WE ARE FUCKING LOADED and no one can stop us! hahaha

  9. It's Grim Oop North on Mon, 18th Jul 2011 7:17 pm
  10. Tim,

    having read your posts I must now concede you are, in fact, correct.

    I was mistaken to use all those examples and business facts, so I put my hands up and admit City are naughty.

    Using your own money to improve your business at the start of an ambitious tilt at Glory and Silverware is corrupt, cheating, and generally not to be repeated.

    Thank you for showing me the error of City’s ways, and when we lift the Champions League trophy aloft in years to come, I will raise a toast to you sir, knowing you were the one who warned us of the hollowness of our impending world domination.

    We surely won’t take any pleasure in winning the Premier League, season on season, and all those trips to Wembley will frankly suck.

    I wish we were morally rich, and trophyless, like the Gunners,

    Life’s a Bitch ain’t it?

  11. Brian on Mon, 18th Jul 2011 8:25 pm
  12. Untied road,
    What a tosser you are !!! Such a hard man behind a fake name and a computer screen. Good man just shows what Untied fans are !!!

  13. Ben on Mon, 18th Jul 2011 8:56 pm
  14. Ill toast with u ‘its grim oop north’ and we can both reminisce about Tim here who will be laughing his head off at us lifting trophy after trophy, as he is the one who knows the truth.

    Shame on you Sheikh Mansour for bringing in trophies in sacrifice for our morals.

    Toast to Tim….

  15. HeavyRiffs on Tue, 19th Jul 2011 12:07 am
  16. It’s a great day to be a blue and the day before that and the day before that and the day before that…

  17. Brian on Tue, 19th Jul 2011 12:10 am
  18. Ok so the piece was rushed but what can ya do ? Have a job to be doing also.
    Anyway that’s my view on Arsenal and Wenger so I’m glad I’ve upset so many gooners and a handful of the Manure fans.
    United comments I deleted because they were, well the usual bollox you would except from people with fake names (who know who you are, closet City fan)
    Anyway sorry for the bad gammer and spelling but will I fix it ? NO !!
    Why ? because I don’t really care to.
    As I said I’ve done my job upsetting a shed load of Arse lovers and had a damn good laugh at some of the disturbed comments I got to delete.

    I stand by what I have said about Arsenal and Wenger.

  19. HeavyRiffs on Tue, 19th Jul 2011 12:39 am
  20. City are now a successful club and have a great business model to generate future income, driven by the soundest minds in business. We have a trophy, we have CL football, we have a mouthwatering squad and our best days are in front of us. I think the gooners are only getting so heated under their collective collars, as their best days are obviously behind them.

  21. UnitedRoad on Tue, 19th Jul 2011 4:58 pm
  22. Such a fucking hard man you are ya Irish cunt sat in your office typing a Blog slagging United and their fans off. Put your money where your mouth is, reveal who you are and see who the big man is then eh? Go on Pikey, post a photo of yourself on here and see how much of a loud mouth you are then?! Can’t wait until you cunts come to OT, fucking riot!!! Revenge after Ewood….

  23. Brian Roban on Tue, 19th Jul 2011 7:58 pm
  24. Yeah we got the one from your other fake name and e-mail address. Shows you up for what ya are. Banned from football you should be. Calling me pikey and an Irish cunt haha, how many Irish fill the seats at old Trafford ? Best owners you had were Irish till you lot drove them out over a race horse ! Look at the owners you have now.
    I take it a man of you high intellect can work out that emails can be traced so if you haven’t been banned from Old Trafford already these emails of threats and inciting football violence soon will have you banned !

  25. Brian Roban on Tue, 19th Jul 2011 8:09 pm
  26. Flattered that you think with my bad spelling and grammer that they would give me a job in an office, go grow up you know how serious they take the even threat of trouble at football these days and here you are telling people what your going to do. Brains to burn you.

  27. Ben on Wed, 20th Jul 2011 12:43 am
  28. United road….What a hard bastard

  29. pete on Wed, 20th Jul 2011 11:16 am
  30. Hi Brian

    When people post on blog sites, they have to register their email address, but they also record IP addresses.

    Give this guy’s IP and email address to the police. I work for an ISP so I know it won’t take them long to track this arsehole down. He’s clearly intent on inciting trouble at the derby, which should be enough incentive for the police to intervene.

    Also, if he’s sending posts from work, his employer won’t be happy about it and will probably lose his job too.

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