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The Obsession With City Is Spreading

Love Is Contagious, sang some bint in the1980’s but the obsession that some club’s supporters have with City is even more so.

We’re used to United having a daily pop at us, with the likes of The Republik of Mancunia on the scene, but having a look around the web this evening, it seems the obsession is moving further than the borough of Stretford.

Truly Reds has run an article on Mike Summerbee (again) City’s attendance against Notts County and just anything in general, basically because it’s a slow news day in Trafford and they have to report something.

And it comes to something when United fans trawl City sites like this one to find articles so they can make stupid comments that rarely get published. Just for the record, MCB articles do not get listed on the United page of NewsNow so their obsession with us is pretty obvious.

But that is nothing compared to the idiot who wrote the next article.

It comes from as far a field as Newcastle, where Newcastle Mad editor Nu Mad (original) claims “Man City Are Conning Themselves” before launching into a little tirade about, you guessed it, our attendance on Sunday and money.

“75,000 watched Man Utd play Crawley, while 26,000 watched Man City play Notts County. City maybe the money club of European football, but their fan base hardly deserves it,” whinges the editor.

Now forgive me for saying this, but what the f*** has our attendance on Sunday or the amount of money we have got to do with Newcastle and their supporters? There are all sorts I could write about that particular team that would keep this site’s content going until Christmas.

“The team is challenging for honours, but the reality is there in the figures,” his moan continues. No mate, the reality is that we are third in the league position, still in the FA Cup with a good chance of reaching the quarterfinals and also in the last 32 of the Europa League. And where are Newcastle again?

I think some supporters need to get over their obsession with City and concentrate on their own team’s fortunes, particularly when the team you’re moaning about is in a much better position than yours.



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