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Thoughts: Derbies, Buzzer And That Goal

Like all blues, I’m sick of losing at Old Trafford. I really don’t understand the problem that we have when we go there. Is it managerial tactics? Are the players just not up to big games? Or is there too much pressure?

Because I was working, I didn’t get to see any of the game so can’t comment on how much possession or chances we had, or whether Mancini’s tactics were negative as they usually are in big games like this.

But in my opinion, I think City go into these games with the hope they can win but not the belief. United have been so successful over the years because they believe they can go anywhere and win. Nothing fazes them like it used to twenty or so years ago and this is what needs to be instilled in our team. Another problem that I think we have is supporter expectation. With the team we have, as supporters we should expect the blues to go anywhere and win


Like everyone on the face of this earth, Mike Summerbee is entitled to his opinion, whether agreed with or not and he has come in for a bit of stick after his rant on Sky Sports. United fans class him as bitter and delusional, but what I saw was something that is missing from the City team. Passion. Buzzer is a blue legend and he has a passion for the club and his rant on Saturday was a display of how much he loves the club.

In Buzzer’s day, love for the club is what drove the team on and it was players like him that made us so successful in the 60’s and 70’s. We’ve all ranted like that at some point in our lives and Buzzer is only human. Like the rest of us he’s just so desperate to win at Old Trafford and for a player that won so many derbies, it must be hard to see us losing so many.

That Goal

If I see it again I’m going to smash my TV up. But I have to admit it was a goal worthy of winning any game. To attempt a goal like that takes guts; it could have gone completely wrong and the ball could have ended up in row z. Luckily for Rooney and unfortunately for us, he caught it superbly and it went it.

I hate conceding goals like that (actually I hate it when City concede any goals) but on a plus note, I hope that it will help restore Rooney’s confidence for England and be the player for the national side that he is billed to be.

And Finally…

Like News at Ten isn’t it. I received the following comment earlier today which prompted this last bit. I’ve not posted the comment because it isn’t relevant to the article. Part of the comment was about Mike Summerbee’s rant  which I’ve omitted but I just have a few observations and want to know if I’m being a little pedantic:

As I belive in what goes around comes around – City are now reaping what they sow. For years a large minority of your fans have mocked The Munich Air Crash and I belive solely because of this your Club has not won silverware.

My suggestion is this – wipe the slate clean. Ban these vile hooligans from your Stadium, a written apology to Manchester United expressing the Club’s sincere apologies for this dispicible behaviour.

It seems to me your Club’s destiny is to get one over on United and this is cheating your fans. I recommend you have a complete backroom shake-up and to advise yourself proclammed hero’s to not talk infront of a Sky camera.

The best thing is to stop worrying about United and focus on winning siverware, it is an awful lot to take on by competing for a top 4 spot, being in The F.A Cup, Uefa Cup and demanding respect from United.

One Step At A Time is the key….

Okay first observation is very pedantic as I am unaware that we can have a large minority of supporters. It’s either large or a minority, not both. Anyway, I digress. Because of our continued mocking of the Munich Air Disaster, we have not won any silverware. Munich happened in 1958, prior to our golden era of the 60’s and 70’s so factually incorrect.

But it is the next part that got my attention; our despicable behaviour in regard to the air crash. Now, if I remember rightly, three years ago, we were commended by United for our impeccable behaviour for immaculately observing the silence in memory of those who died in 1958. So in my eyes the slate has been wiped clean.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I haven’t heard a Munich chant since but I will say this; if it is still happening then it is time to stop. Every time a City fan sings about Munich demeans our club further. One of our own, Frank Swift, died in that crash and each time a song is sung about it is disrespecting Frank’s memory as well as all the others who died.

So if it does still happen, then it’s time to stop.



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