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TV Pundits – Muppets In Disguise

I really hate TV pundits. I recorded today’s game and thought I’d watch it while having something to eat tonight. And what a pile of drivel I was served from the pundits.

These people are so desperate for an FA Cup giant killing to be their live game that they actually believe some of the rubbish they spout. Gareth Southgate was the chief muppet, claiming “If County start well and City don’t, then it will be very difficult for the more experienced side to pick the pace up.” Yeah, that was a prediction that was proved right eh?

Southgate also went on to say that City will not be at their best because the stadium is only half full and County will have their moments, forgetting the fact that we went to Greece in midweek before playing today’s game and that would have nothing to do with whether the fans would turn up or not. 

And it got worse from the commentary. Okay so we had a slow start, but “I can’t remember County keeper Stuart Nelson having a touch of the ball so far” and “entirely uninvolved so far,” purred the commentator, desperate to be the one who oversees a huge upset.                      

And when County hit the post in the 20th minute, he threatened to explode with excitement and could barely contain himself. A minute later Dzeko was denied and barely anything was mentioned.

It was at this point that I turned the volume down. I couldn’t take the biased reporting anymore and watched the replay in silence, however I did turn it up when Vieira scored just to see what was being said and the commentators were as silent as the Notts County fans. It was the same on Saturday, when United played Crawley. There was no way the non-league side were ever going to score, let alone win, but the commentators were oozing everything Crawley.

Now I know the magic of the Cup is to see smaller teams beat bigger teams and while it does happen, big results like the sort we used to see years ago are few and far between. But TV commentators are there to give an unbiased account and views of the game, not become the underdog team’s television mouthpiece.

But what can you expect really with people like Jim Beglin on their team? It’s time these ageing dinosaurs were replaced by better reporters who can actually give a true, accurate and unbiased view of a game.

Okay rant over. We won and that’s that.



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