Manchester City WAGs

A lot has been said about Manchester City since Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed took over the club. He has spent millions and millions bringing in new players every chance he gets. People are over-looking what their club did a few years before they became succesful.

The Red side of Manchester spent lavishly in early 1990’s after Alex Ferguson had taken over. More recently, Chelsea and Abramovich did the same and are now reaping the reward of their large investments.

City has pretty much covered all the departments but I am sorry to break it to you but Sheikh has not invested enough in the football WAGs department. Carlos Tevez being the leading man at the moment with three extramarital affairs and of course Wayne Bridge finding himself in the headlines before the World Cup for all the wrong reasons.

Lets take a closer look at some of them…

Lauren Popedated/dating Shaun Wright-Phillips
For some reason, I believe she dated Shaun.

DJ, entrepeneur, former Page 3 Girl and glamor model, Lauren Pope, is most definitely not the daughter of the Pope. Neither is Shaun Wright-Phillips the only footballer she dated. She has previously dated Peter Crouch before he was in a relationship with Abbey Clancy.

She runs her own brand of hair extensions which was set by a multi-millionaire businessman in the reality show Tycoon. She has also danced with the Prince Henry of Wales and been the covergirl for gentlemen’s magazines like Playboy, FHM and Zoo weekly. She has also appeared on Playboy TV in the UK.


Vanessa Carbonedated Carlos Tevez
… while Tevez was married to Vanesa Mansilla. To whom, he’s still married to by the way. Not just that, he has also had affairs with Mariana Paesani and Natalia Fassi. Either his wife is very forgiving or very stupid.

Vanessa Carbone, however, is an Argentinean model and she was the Playboy Playmate of the Year in 2007 (you like that, don’t you?). She gained international fame when she pulled off a stunt outside the Japanese Embassy in Chile. She stripped down to her panties and stood outside the embassy carrying a sign saying: ‘The only skin I use is mine’. It was a protest against the Japanese whaling.

Wouldn’t you go whaling if she’s going to stand in her panties outside your house?


Vanessa Perronceldated Wayne Bridge
The French model, Vanessa Perroncel, first became popular as a part of a band of English WAGs who collectively blew a million Pouds on silly things during England’s campaign of the World Cup 2006 in Germany. In the same year, she became the mother of Wayne Bridge’s son.

A few weeks before the World Cup 2010, the High Court in London granted a super injunction for a top Premier League player who had cheated on his wife with a former teammate’s ex. Almost a week later, the injunction was lifted and John Terry was in all kinds of trouble. Also, Chelsea was going to play City soon after.

Vanessa and Bridge split at Christmas 2006 and soon after she had started seeing JT while she was taking money from Bridge for the kid they had in November.


That is about it. The other two WAGs at Manchester City, that I know of, are Natalia Fassi and Mariana Paesani. Both helped Tevez cheat on his wife.

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