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Was Tevez stitched up By N.O.T.W. ?

The news of the world are running an old story about club captain Carlos Tevez. The Sunday rag has reported that Tevez could well quit football within a month and walk away. The 26 year old who looks fitter now than his whole career told the paper he felt tired and mentality drained from 5  years in the premiership.

This story funny enough has popped before earlier in the year how Tevez will walk away and is sick of football. However just days ago Tevez said he would only return home and play for Boca Juniors if his farther or Daughter asked him to, Which seeing how important it is to play in Europe for the financial aspect not really likely to happen. Tevez is at home in Argentina seeing his family with special permission from the club and manager Roberto Mancini.

This story is either a load of pony or has been as usual lost in translation, in either case they will have their £4m -£5m selling rumours and lies, should you want to prusue the case no problem the News Of The World will see you in court in about a years time
and pay out around £20,000 in labial damages that’s how this Sunday gossip column operates.

Slow week for the hidden camera routine another little party trick famous from The News Of The World.



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