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Wayne Rooney To Manchester? No Thanks.

Article by Real Mancs Are Blue

Reports are rife that Wayne ‘Once a blue always a blue’ Rooney is unhappy at the theatre of debt and is looking to peddle his unique brand of average football and referee haranguing elsewhere. Further reports suggest that the richest club in the world are looking to sign up the ugly little bleeder. The simple fact is he wouldn’t be welcome in Manchester.

He is an immoral, half baked twunt who isn’t even a tenth of the player Andy Grays tries to tell us he is. He is a one season wonder who doesn’t have the brains to take himself to the toilet and isn’t a ‘big game’ player. In all honesty I’d rather we signed Park Ji Sun, a player who consistently performs when thrown in at the deep end.

Real Madrid took Stretford’s best player, we took their second best.

Wayne ‘granny fiddler’ Rooney is an overweight clogger whose best bet would be to go back to Everton, his so called beloved team where there would be no pressure and he could carry on bumming anything that moved , behind his pregnant wife’s back.

The sad fact for Stretford and in particular Ocean Finance is that Shrek won’t be going anywhere this January. Bacon face will slap a ridiculous price tag on him hoping to service some of their massive debts as they once again sell off the family jewels. The trouble is Shrekky babes is worth nothing like the £50million Gazer will be wanting, he is a £15-£20 million player whose price will skyrocket because he’s played in a rag shirt.

If Shrek is worth £50million Carlos ’28 in 31′ Tevez must be worth at least £70mill.

Anyway, the Stretford Red Sox can keep him for now but if they develop any decent youth in the future we might just crack the cheque book open and do our debt riddled neighbours a favour. ‘Manchester’ United – Feeder club, who’d have thunk it.

Tick tock tick tock

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