What do City need – more players or tactical flexibility?

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City’s whirlwind push to the top of English football bears it’s own weight of expectations. Here we are, a decade or so back in the top league, where we belong, living out every football fan’s dream.

And yet there’s a heavy expectation from City these days -every performance scrutinised, every goal weighed, every mistake magnified. And with City now expected to compete on all four fronts, we will find out this season if the squad can live up to the stress or, like Arsenal, break down.

The manager’s words – that we lack central midfielders – are both well-calculated and accurate. Mancini didn’t get the central midfielder he was looking for during the summer transfer window, but talking about a lack of squad depth also takes some of the pressure of the players themselves, who have only themselves to blame for dropping 3 points away to Fulham. In fairness, that’s the sort of game City would have expected to lose / drop points in seasons gone by, so to view a draw as a failure (after dominating the game) is great progress in itself.

Today City play Birmingham – the relegated Carling Cup champions. Their reward? Losing players, playing in the Europa League and coming up against us in the Carling Cup – at least they can have one less competition to worry about after today.

But going back to squad depth – it’s worth asking why Mancini cannot – or will not – change tactics and formations to lift the burden off central midfield. He can easily switch to a standard 4-4-1-1 with Aguero / Dzeko / Tevez / Silva taking the front two spots, Nasri accompanying Barry / Yaya in the center and Silva / one or more of the fullbacks taking up the wider midfield positions. It’s not ideal, but it’s a better answer than playing unfit / tiring players or losing games because you don’t have experienced bodies on the pitch.

Considering the side (and their relative positions on the pitch) that United put out last night, it’s something worth thinking about. Of course, that’s easier done when you have players playing together for a long, long time, which is why the Etihad Campus, when it bears fruit, will be so important to the club.

You can expect Mancini to ring the changes and give his younger / reserve players a run in the Carling Cup – with Hargreaves expected to play a few minutes. Given his history though, I wouldn’t be surprised if he was withdrawn before the game. Hopefully he doesn’t go and get himself injured.

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3 Comments on What do City need – more players or tactical flexibility?

  1. tunde mcfc on Wed, 21st Sep 2011 10:19 am
  2. city players need time to gel,when it happens city will be the best(europe&epl).mancini knows the best for the club.

  3. gjoka camaj on Wed, 28th Sep 2011 1:16 am
  4. mancini is clearly out of his league and a despiteful and ungrateful individual! Where would Mancini be today without Tevez? Fired! as he should be. He clearly does not appreciate the hand that has fed him! He has reaches the’Peter Principle” and must go home and have a good plate of spaghetti!! yes he can twirl his spoon, but, managing football at the world scale is not his strength. Let me get this right “Tevez” you are not good enough to start on this team, although you “GOT US HERE” but now i need you to save my …… and i order you to go in and score goals. Truth is the best neither “KUN”, DZEKO(white men can’t jump) or Balotelli(I”M A WANNA BE) are anywhere near TEVEZ!! you would think that the spaghetti twirliing spoon sucking itialian would have known that from his playing days!! BUT IT”S JUST ANOTHER CASE LIKE CAPELLO WHERE THE ENGLISH FANS ARE DESPERATE TO WIN AND THEY HIRE THE “HAS BEEN”s” rahter then find the new “Guardiloa” because they have no clue of what they have or looking for!!

  5. bali golf club on Mon, 17th Oct 2011 5:41 am
  6. forward city

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