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What Does Tonight’s Game Really Represent?

At first glance it is giving City the chance of taking another major step in their evolution and qualify for the Champions League while it gives Spurs the opportunity to secure Champions League football with one game remaining.

But tonight’s game isn’t just about Champions League qualification; it is about two teams who have broken the stranglehold that have suffocated the growth of the Premiership almost since its creation in 1992.

For too long has the English game been dominated by the so called ‘big four’ of United, Liverpool, Chelsea and Arsenal. Until this season, Everton have remained the only team to break that monopoly while Blackburn are the only side out of the top four to win the Premiership.

But to now have two teams fighting it out for that elusive fourth place is good for English football and this is made even better by the fact that Liverpool are nowhere in sight. The top four monopoly has been broken in style this season and is on the verge of shattering completely. City have played their part but so too have Spurs and Villa and all three will be justly rewarded next season with European football.

But the task of toppling the big four has only just begun. Next season, the work starts again and the blues, Spurs and Villa will continue where they have left off this year, but hopefully other Premiership teams such as Everton, Fulham and maybe even Birmingham will follow the precedence set before them.

And it can only be good for the English game if next season there are several challengers rather than the usual suspects draining the life out of the game.



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