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Who Are We Going To Buy This Summer?

Article By Callum Rothwell

If you believe everything you read these days, we’ll have a squad of around 300 players by the time September comes.

We are linked with every half decent player, and although some of these would be nice, do we actually need any of them?

Fulham v Hamburg SV UEFA Europa League 29/04/10

It’s a near certainty that we have got Jerome Boateng from Hamburg, for around £11 million.

I think he will be a good signing, we have already took de Jong and Kompany off them in recent years, who have both been top signings.

He is a tall centre half / right back, but I think if we are to play him anywhere it will be centre back. Zabaleta has really shined for me since Christmas and Richards showed signs of form until his injury; and also we have Onuoha. I am a big fan of Onuoha, but he is at that stage in his career where he needs to be playing week in week out, so I think he will leave City in the next year.

More to the point, what positions need improving?

We have a big squad at the moment, so I think that we will need to sell some players, too.

Jo, Caecido, Robinho, Bojinov and Kelvin Etutu have all gone on loan this year, and I don’t think any of them will play another game for us.

Joe Hart has really shined this year for Birmingham, so I think he will go out on loan again this year.

I personally think we need a left winger, because Bellamy has obviously had a very successful season on the left, he is due an injury to keep him out for a few months; and with us playing in the Europa League this year we will definitely need cover. We have Petrov, Robinho and Adam Johnson to play there, but Petrov’s contract looks certain not to be renewed when it runs out this summer, and Robinho has stated several times to  leave the club. Also, Johnson has tormented left back’s on the right, and if we played him on the left who would play on the right? SWP hasn’t been good enough this year to be a starter, and then we have no cover.

So I think we need an excellent left winger, who can beat defenders and get a cross in.

Secondly, I think we need a new left back. Wayne Bridge can’t cross when he gets forward, and often gets caught out when he can’t get back. He has improved defensively, but is he good enough if we want to go to the next stage? I don’t think so.

Thirdly, I think we need a creative midfielder. Elano left last year, but I think he really would have shined under Mancini. Ireland did this well superbly last year, but he hasn’t seemed interested this year. We seriously lack creativity when we come up against well organised teams, and this really limits our play.

Finally, I think we need a centre forward. Adebayor and Tevez have a good partnership, but neither of them are lethal in the air. Tevez is only small, and Adebayor never seems to win a header. Bellamy and Johnson have sent in many good balls this year and no-one has been there no get on the end of them.

I hope for:

Left wing: David Silva

Left back: Ashley Cole

Creative midfielder: Cesc Fabregas

Striker: Fernando Torres

But realistically we won’t get any of these.

Any ideas on who we might, or should get?



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