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Why our last 4 games are so important

Article By Callum Rothwell

Firstly, I’d like to take this opportunity to be optimistic over Saturday’s result. I know your first thoughts are going to be that I’m crazy, but hear me out.

As much as I hate to say it, United are a good side. Losing to them is heartbreaking, especially 3 times in a row in Fergie time, but they’ve been there time and time again and a lack of experience caught up with us. They didn’t deserve to win the game on Saturday, a draw was definitely a fair result, but we need to pick ourselves up and look to our last 4 games.

Moreover, I was much hoping Tottenham would lose to Chelsea, but Chelsea losing summed up a bad day all round. I still believe that 4th place is in our hands, if we win our 4 remaining games we finish in 4th place. Simple.

However, this isn’t going to be easy. We have to hope United win (for once) and we beat Arsenal away (not done since the 70’s) this weekend. If this happens, the Spurs game at home is going to be crucial. Villa will also be tricky, but I believe we will win comfortably, that too with West Ham away. 

I think a draw at Arsenal and three wins from the remaining three is what we will get, resulting in us finishing in that final Champions League spot. My mouth is watering at the prospect of being linked with Torres, Gerrard, Fabregas etc in the summer if we do finish 4th.

To conclude, our last 4 games are important, because the year we finish 4th will mean we can spend big in the summer and attract top players and excel from there on. If Spurs pip us to 4th this year, we may struggle to finish 4th next year, because Spurs will invest, and I believe Everton will be serious contenders next year, if they get slightly luckier with their injuries compared to this year.

What are all your opinions? Do you still think we will finish 4th?



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