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Why United Fans Can't Help Showing Their Bitterness

Article by Real Mancs Are Blue
This article is in response to a piece I stumbled across by a semi-literate United ‘fan’ earlier today.
If, like me, you use ‘NewsNow’ as a place to find all your City news then you will have seen a growing trend amongst its pages, namely bitter articles by fans of our neighbours over in Stretford. The biggest culprit is ‘Republik of Mancunia’, a real cesspool of morons and plastics, where approximately 1 in every 5 stories is about Manchester City. Today however we have ‘Truly Reds’ with a piece that I can only assume was scrawled by Gary Chuckle with a crayola up his bottom.
These ‘fans’ of Stretford are increasingly known as ‘the new bitters’ around Manchester and articles like the aforementioned do nothing to dispel this. In the article, which was either a brilliant piece of satire or the ramblings of an idiot (I’ll let you decide), we are treated to such gems as ‘Manchester City are inferring they are a big club because the New Of The World printed a story about their season ticket sales.’  A statement that needs no comeback, the fact that its nonsense is clear to see. He goes on to babble that City couldn’t fill our ground for the game against Tottenham, another nonsense.
There is a whole page of this and frankly it gets more and more bitter, ‘Yaya Toure wants to go back to Barcelona’ ‘Torres doesn’t want to go for the money’ it’s really sad stuff from a fan of such a ‘big’ club who claims Manchester City are so small and insignificant.
Of course, Stretford ‘fans’ have always mocked Manchester City, as we have them, it’s the nature of the game, but the new elevated level we are seeing is worrying but not unexpected. The simple truth is City are on the way up and Stretford are passing them on the way down. Everyone in football is talking about Manchester and the Stretford fans hate it. True, we’re not big enough to have a whole episode of Panaroma dedicated to our debt but we’re slowly getting there.
 For City fans this is the greatest time of our lives. We’re getting the best players, climbing up the league, finishing in our highest ever place last season, hoping to finish top four next and the world is talking about us. Just outside Manchester Stretford have become a feeder club losing their best talent to richer, more ambitious clubs while they wheel out their pensioners and Bosmans. Even scraping a Carling cup win can’t hide the truth. Stretford are in decline.
The ‘Carlos Tevez’ poster must have been salt in the wounds of these poor ‘Green and yellow’ armchairs, and the fact they can’t even get Joe Cole on a free, let alone Wesley Sneijder, David Silva, David Villa understandably frustrates them. We’re buying the best, they’re getting the rest. They can’t attract the big names anymore and their youth are poor to say the least. This is probably why they are linked to Stephen Ireland, a player who already rejected Stretford as a youth. Times are hard.
Im cutting it short now, I could laugh at the new bitters all day long, as could you, but let’s saves some for when Vidic and Shrek find better clubs and Ol’ Bacon Face eventually retires, leaving them with memories, midtable fights with Blackburn and Yellow and Green Scarves.



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