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Wicked Weekend

What can I say about that one? City win, United lose and all around us falter. Couldn’t have been better really.

Arise King Carlos I

But let’s first go back to Monday night and a must win game against Wigan. After the other results went against us last weekend, it was imperative that the blues secured three points against Wigan.

They made hard work of it but in the end, it turned out okay as King Carlos of Manchester grabbed his second hat-trick of the season as the blues ran out 3-0 winners (as predicted by OTBM by the way). That result put us back to two points behind Spurs and still in with a shout of qualifying for the Champions League.

Tevez has really proved his worth, particularly in the second half of the season so we really must thank Mr Taggart from Old Trafford for refusing to stump up £25m to sign him.

Bayern, Bayern, Bayern

The week got better after Monday’s win over Wigan when Bayern Munich took a 2-1 1st leg lead over United. Wayne Rooney had a good night, scoring two, one at each end and then getting himself injured and out of action for a few weeks. Shame, they only have Berbaflop to rely on now. What will they do? Does anyone care?

Will He Stay Or Will He Go?

Roberto Mancini’s position has been under the spotlight again as Jose Mourinho declares he would like to return to England and Bobby Manc himself says he would like to return to Italy one day.

Can we not just leave this sort of story until the end of the season now? If Mourinho replaces Mancini in May, June, July or August, then fine. And if Mancini decides he wants the Juve job at the end of the season then that is equally fine. But it’s only April and we have a season to finish. A season which could see a Europa League place at the very least and managerial rumours are not welcome at this stage of the season.

Big Thank You To Chelsea, Sunderland, Birmingham

Did I miss anyone? Oh yes the Burnley defence. Never have I known the blues to rip into a team from the off like that and sustain it and that is mainly down to the Burnley defence. I remember a game around 1992 (maybe) when City played Oldham at Maine Road. I was only about ten minutes late for the game but it was already 2-1 but Saturday was something different.

To be 3-0 up after seven minutes is not just impressive, it is a sign that this City side are beginning to grow. It is the sign of a team that has taken a lesser team and shown no mercy. It’s what we’ve been crying out for all these years and now finally we have it. And although it wasn’t the fastest four goal lead in Premiership history, City did become the first team ever to be 5-0 up at half time when playing away from home.

So take our result, add a Chelsea win over United which puts the rags into second, mix in a Sunderland win over Spurs and sprinkle a draw at St Andrews between Birmingham and Liverpool, you have a the recipe of an excellent weekend for blues fans.



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