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World Cup – Get Off Green’s Back And Support The Lads

Okay, so Robert Green made a mistake on Saturday when he allowed Clint Dempsey’s shot to slip away for the USA equaliser. But the way the British media are reporting on this is making it look like Green’s error meant the end of England’s participation at the World Cup.

We all screamed in agony on Saturday watching the ball roll over the line and anger was initially aimed towards the West Ham keeper. But that kind of mistake could have happened to anyone. And it did the following day with the Algerian keeper.

Rob Green had a bad moment but it isn’t the end of the world but the media focus on it like the whole World Cup will rest on that error. What they seem to forget is Green made a terrific save to deny the Americans the lead when he tipped Jozy Altidore’s shot onto the post. What they also seem to forget is that fact that there are ten outfield players all capable of creating and scoring goals yet they didn’t. Aaron Lennon crossed in the first half when it would have been better to shoot and Emile Heskey missed a golden chance in the second half but hit it right down Howard’s throat.

The British media seem to want England to fail. Either that or they’re all Scottish. In some sort of sadistic way, they enjoy writing stories about our failures rather than our successes and in doing so, they pinpoint on certain players, hammer them for one incident which then knocks their confidence for the next game.

It is about time they got behind the lads in South Africa. If they are to even attempt to win the World Cup, they could do with everyone on their side. But it will be impossible if the media are constantly printing negative crap about them.

So do us a favour British media, stand up and get behind Rob Green and the boys. It’s going to be hard enough to beat teams like Germany without having to battle the press as well.

We’re English. Start acting like it.

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