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Yaya Toure snubbed Untied.

It seems world class players are looking to City as the new super club of the future,  OK City haven’t done or won anything yet but players also will be looking at how the club their signing for is run so in the case of Untied its been run into the ground !

Yes  Untied have history of winning and winning big,  Yaya could have went their last season and said “No Thanks ” He wouldn’t have been to far from his brother Kolo if he had signed for them.

Begs the question if you were a professional footballer and you were asked to sign for a world famous Cup winning football team why would you say No unless you or your agent knew something that and Untied are very very quite on the transfer market so how much have the  yanks sunk the club ?

Here’s what Yaya said

“When I was talking about renewing my contract, United asked if I wanted to sign for them. In football, you don’t know what is going to happen tomorrow.

“United are a big club, one of the biggest in the world, but I chose City because they have not won anything for a long time. It’s a very nice feeling to come in and see everything changing.

“It’s an interesting challenge for me and I hope everything goes well. I saw a lot of things written about why I left but, for me, I wanted to play with my brother.

“That was very important for me. Now I’ve signed for City I’m very happy. Now my brother and I want to make great things happen at this club and I’m sure we’ll do it.

“My motivation is to do great things with City, to finish second or third maybe, to get into the Champions League.”

I’m sure family played a part in this move but I honestly believe from now on its Untied that have will have to try very hard to compete  with City for the top signings in World football



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